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These images illustrate what happens when our hearing is damaged. We can see that the Hair Cells are severely damaged or missing altogether at right above. The hearing loss associated with this type of damage is called Sensorineural and is often associated with excessive noise exposure.

This is different to a conductive hearing loss, which relates to the physical pathway of sound being impaired or obstructed, perhaps by wax in the canal, or one of a number of conditions that can arise in the middle ear.

Some people suffer a combined conductive loss and sensorineural damage, and this is referred to as a mixed loss amongst professionals. From a sufferer's perspective, the technicalities outlined here might offer little comfort. Please be assured that whatever you might be experiencing, we care about everyone that we see, and will advise you honestly and impartially.

We often refer people to other medical professionals, and in most cases a good outcome can be achieved.




How does my Hearing Work?


Paul & Julie


Hello, Paul and Julie Rees here, and welcome to our web site.

As an independent business, we are not tied to any one manufacturer. If you have a need or preference for a certain product or service, we will always strive to accommodate this if appropriate to your needs.

We will always treat you with respect and genuinely care for your needs as fully as humanly possible.

Our research, driven by genuine customer care over the last 7 years or more, indicates that we have achieved an extremely high success rate in treating tinnitus. In fact it has become so successful that we have started a new business dedicated to a greater focus upon treating this condition.

This business, called Rees Lewis Tinnitus and Hearing LTD, will have a dedicated centre here in Swansea. Watch this space for further information.

We can provide a tailored rental scheme for non-custom made Aids if you prefer this to purchase options.

We can also offer you a trial period before you purchase

We promise to always give unbiased and honest advice, no matter what you decide to do.

Julie and I emphasise service above sales and pride ourselves in providing the highest level of service available anywhere.To confirm this fact,over 95% of our clients have become such by recommendation so far. We also have low overheads, and exceptional discounts from the manufacturers.

This means we offer very competitive prices.

We also provide rental options and interest-free payments. Please ask for information.

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