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How A Hearing Aid Works

A hearing aid is an electronic device, (either the older Analogue system or the more modern Digital Aid) that receives sound, amplifies it, and transmits this stronger sound energy down the Ear Canal, Middle Ear and then the Inner Ear to the Brain. (See How Our Hearing Works for more information).

Hearing aids can vastly improve a person’s ability to communicate. This usually leads to an improved quality of life for the Hearing Impaired Person and for others in the process. Depending upon the degree of impairment, some sound will usually reach the inner ear and brain of a Hearing Impaired Person without a hearing aid.

But without enough amplification, the impulses reaching the brain may cause the sounds perceived, to seem weak or even distorted. With a hearing aid, sound is amplified to make the weak and distorted signals more audible and clear.

All hearing aids have the same four basic components:

1. The microphone (or microphones) in the hearing aid detects the sound and sends it to the amplifier.

2. The amplifier (or Digital Processor) inside the hearing aid makes the sound louder.

3. The receiver inside the hearing aid sends the amplified sound into the ear canal.

4. The battery inside supplies the power to the hearing aid.

With Digital Hearing Aids, the sounds are processed by a small computer before being sent to the receiver and on into the ear. This innovative, electromechanical arrangement has led to remarkable advances in sound quality.

Many Digital Hearing Aids are able to clean up the sound before it gets into the ear canal, thus reducing unwanted sounds and stops them from interfering with speech signals.

The latest processors boast as many as 16 Million transistors, and can measurably perform up to 200 Million processes per second. Figures beyond our comprehension!


How does my Hearing Work?

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